2020/2021 School Year Tuition

Enrolled Household Size*Annual Tuition/with 4% discount
One Child$2,490 / $2,390
Two Children$4,480 / $4,300
Three or more Children$5980 / $5,740
*The above tuition scale is based on enrollment expectations. In the event that such expectations are not reached, the above scale will need to be re-evaluated and adjusted if necessary. Any adjustments will be brought to your attention no later than 30 days prior to the first day of school

Tuition: Tuition is payable by the 15th of each month in 12 monthly installments, by cash, check or automatic account withdrawal, beginning in August each year. Payments set up through automatic account withdrawal will receive a 4% discount. The 4% discount will not be taken on book fees or registration fees. Please see the full Tuition Policy on page 2 of the Student / Parent Handbook.

Registration Fees: Each family will be subject to a $200 Registration Fee that will be added to their monthly tuition payments. Calvary Baptist Church members will not be subject to registration fees

Book Fees: Each enrolled child will be subject to a $100 Book Fee. This fee may be rolled into your monthly payment, along with the registration fee, but no discount for these fees.

Other Fees: All NEW students will be given a school polo at the start of each year, with 50% of the cost being covered by CCA ad the other 50% being included with the tuition. In the event that the polo is lost or destroyed, 100% of the replacement cost will be that of the student. Please note that the polo will need to be replaced as soon as possible. The polo is required for various event participation, as noted in the “Dress Code” section of the Student/Parent Handbook.

In addition, all families are required to participate in all fundraisers of Calvary Christian Academy, if you have any questions regarding fundraisers please contact Jean Beckwith