There’s a Method to My Madness!

“There’s a Method to My Madness”

Ask your kids, Mrs. Tecmire says this quite often! 

What a great year so far!
There are many things other than Reading, Writing and Arithmetic I hope to teach your children this year. What an amazing age, children are beginning to learn individual responsibility, independent learning, time management, critical thinking, character, integrity and priorities. I love having discussions with them! Everything we do in the classroom and with homework is geared toward teaching these things.

Your child’s homework assignment is even planned with that in mind. The routine of having the same homework every week, the chance to plan a routine and utilize their own time management by spreading out the work over those 7 days, goes a long way in teaching them the skills they’ll need when they go to college, have a family or get a job. College can be quite challenging when you aren’t used to homework, time management or figuring out directions on your own. We are in the process of learning to follow both oral and written directions in creative ways as well.

That said, I also believe that because they are still kids they shouldn’t have more than the weekly spelling words and Bible verses, so unless they don’t finish something in class, they won’t have more than that. Many of them are reading their AR books when they are done with their work in class so just reading for a half hour in bed before sleep should be more than enough. They did choose to do their Cricket book at home one-day last week so I would have the time to read “The Happy Hollisters” to them. “The Happy Hollisters” (Reading Corner) is their favorite time of day and I must say, it’s mine as well!

Please know that we also review information before tests in class but tests usually need to be studied for at home as well, there’s no way around that. In math your student does their workbook, the workbook is checked and returned, the student corrects their mistakes and we correct again until they see how to do it. Some students may need more help at home with flash cards as we get into multiplication and division but that is dependent on the student’s abilities.

Possible homework routine:
Most tests will be on Mondays. Since we don’t have school on Fridays, use that day to study for tests.
Have them write spelling words when they get home from school each night.
Read or say their verse to mom and dad once each night before bed.
Be allowed to read for a half hour in bed before going to sleep.

All of my students are responding well to our class routine and are becoming a great team! Thank you for entrusting me with your children!

Laurel Tecmire