Purpose and Mission


In a continued effort to provide our church family and community a well-balanced, family-oriented ministry, the Calvary Christian Academy (CCA) was created. Its ministry is to provide a vital tool for our families to promote the cause of Christ. CCA is Bible-based so as to develop students spiritually, intellectually, morally, and socially, and to make their lives distinctively Christian.

Mission Statement

Calvary Christian Academy’s (CCA) mission is to impact and train students with the absolute truth of the Word of God. CCA provides a developmentally-appropriate place for your child to cultivate their unique God given abilities by providing a non-shifting foundation of Biblical values. We believe that Christian education begins at salvation; therefore, CCA is for truly-born again families and/or children. The Academy is committed to helping parents fulfill God’s command to “train up” their children to become Godly men and women, dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ, who will strive to serve Him in every area of their lives.

Doctrinal Position

CCA in all aspects holds true to the Statement of Faith adopted and followed by Calvary Baptist Church. Please see the attached Statement of Faith in its entirety, at Appendix I.

Appendix I – Statement of Faith